David Matteson

Cinematographer | Writer | Designer | Sound Engineer | Producer

Synthetic Human Partner Since 05-01-2007 | Click to view IMDB page

David Matteson is a creative professional from Phoenix Arizona, specializing in video production and graphic design. David is perhaps best known as one of the founding members, and cinematographer, for Synthetic Human Pictures. He has earned four "Best Cinematography" awards, for the films The Heaviness of Here (2006 Phoenix), Drain (2008 New York), Roman a Bottle (2008 Scottsdale) and Contingency (2010 Phoenix). The film Drain has won "Best Picture" in multiple festivals nationwide, and has been preserved in the Arizona Centennial Film Archive: "100 Films of the Past 100 Years." David recently wrote the screenplay and directed the cinematography for the film Tension of Skin, which has received accolades for Best Acting (Philadelphia) and Best Picture (Phoenix).

David, along with fellow filmmakers Stephen Krystek and Hayden Blades, formed Synthetic Human Pictures in 2007. By 2008 they had significantly grown the size of the team and released Charlie Steak's I'm Voting Republican. Seen by five million viewers, the film was considered to be the top political satire of the 2008 presidential election by Wired Magazine. It has been featured on NBC News, Fox News, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and The Wall Street Journal, among others.

In addition to his role as cinematographer, David works as a writer, sound engineer, and develops marketing for Synthetic Human Pictures. He was invited to be a guest judge for the 2011 Filmstock Film Festival, and discussed working with film in Phoenix on the Joanne Foster Show. He is also active in Arizona's local arts and music scene, working as a designer for Sonik and ProVoke magazines. David has contributed to several Synthetic Human design pieces, including posters, websites, and viral marketing. With over a dozen films behind him, David continues to be the eye behind the lens for Synthetic Human Pictures.

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A Stray (2012) - Cinematographer
Tension of Skin (2010) - Cinematographer / Writer
Contingency (2010) - Cinematographer
Being Nigel (2010) - Director of Photography / Key Art
Wounds: The Park Job (2009) - Cinematographer
Pattern: Response (2009) - Cinematographer
The Chekhov Class (2009) - Cinematographer
ROMANaBOTTLE (2008) - Cinematographer
Her Special Day (2008) - Cinematographer
I'm Voting Republican (2008) - Cinematographer
Common Ground (2008) - Cinematographer
Carousel (2008) - Director / Writer / Cinematographer
Drain (2007) - Cinematographer
Tip Jar (2007) - Cinematographer
Heinz Commercial: Taste the Magic (2007) - Camera Operator
Heinz Commercial: All In (aka: Bet On It) (2007) - Camera Operator
Not Quite Dead (2006) - Camera Operator / Score


References (2008) - "He Said, She Said Productions' - Props / Graphic Design
To a Lesser Degree (2008) - "Phoenix Independent Filmmaker's Group' - Motion Graphics
Jolene (2006) - 'Next Turn Productions' / Production Assistant
I Loved Her Again, Yesterday (2006) - 'Perspective Pictures' / Cinematographer / Writer / Composer
The Heaviness of Here (2006) - 'Perspective Pictures' / Director / Cinematographer / Co-Writer
The Banjo Player (2005) - 'Dreamfilm Pictures' / Composer
Finding the Future (2003) - 'Anomalous Entertainment' / Composer
Good Things (2000) - 'Perspective Pictures' Assistant-Director / Camera Operator

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