Hayden Blades

Writer | Director | Editor | Gaffer | Visual Effects Artist

Synthetic Human Partner Since 05-01-2007 | Click to view IMDB page

Hayden's love affair with the arts spawned when he was a mere tadpole, drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. He picked up his first video camera in grade school. Haphazard skits with his friends, in the basement of his Kentucky home, soon turned into full-fledged productions. In high school, Hayden's infatuation only grew as he worked and studied as a techie, building sets, staging lights and tailoring costumes behind the scenes of several large-scale theater productions at the Youth Performing Arts School.

In 2000, Hayden moved to phoenix Arizona to develop his design and animation abilities in college, and met David Matteson. Hayden and David instantly hit it off, and began working on many projects together. Hayden received his bachelors degree in multimedia art in 2003, and worked with Casey Moore to help finalize his documentary feature, Finding the Future. After writing, directing and shooting The Heaviness of Here with David, and winning the Best Cinematography award at the 2006 Phoenix Film Festival's "Dead of Winter" competition, they caught the eye of Stephen Krystek, and Synthetic Human began.

Hayden has used his eye for detail and composition as gaffer, lighting the scenes, and assisting in the direction of photography for all Synthetic Human films, though his talents refuse to end in the visual arts. Hayden is a competent music composer, scoring many scenes from Synthetic Human's arsenal of short films, and producing experimental albums with Jarod Anderson. His attention to dramatic visual pacing, and his ear for sound design, netted him awards for Best Editing and Best Sound Design at the 2009 Project Twenty1 Film Festival in Philadelphia for the film Pattern: Response.

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A Stray (2012) - Writer / Director / Editor
Tension of Skin (2010) - Editor / Gaffer
Contingency (2010) - Gaffer / Visual Effects / Key Art
Being Nigel (2010) - Director of Photography (Gaffer) / Editor
Wounds: The Park Job (2009) - Gaffer / Visual Effects / Editor
Pattern: Response (2009) - Gaffer / Editor / Key Art / Visual Effects
The Chekhov Class (2009) - Gaffer / Assistant Director
ROMANaBOTTLE (2008) - Writer / Director / Visual Effects
Her Special Day (2008) - Gaffer / Editor / Key Art
I'm Voting Republican (2008) - Gaffer / Camera Operator
Common Ground (2008) - Gaffer
Carousel (2008) - Gaffer / Visual Effects
Drain (2007) - Writer / Gaffer / Editor / Visual Effects
Heinz Commercial: Taste the Magic (2007) - Gaffer / Editor
Heinz Commercial: All In (aka: Bet On It) (2007) - Gaffer / Editor
Tip Jar (2007) - Gaffer / Editor
Not Quite Dead (2006) - Camera Operator / Editor / Visual Effects / Key Art


Jolene (2006) - 'Next Turn Productions' / Production Assistant
I Loved Her Again, Yesterday (2006) - 'Perspective Pictures' / Director / Editor
The Heaviness of Here (2006) - 'Perspective Pictures' Writer / Director / Editor
The Banjo Player (2005) - 'Dreamfilm Pictures' / Visual Effects
Finding the Future (2003) - 'Anomalous Entertainment' / Visual Effects
Good Things (2000) - 'Perspective Pictures' / Writer / Director / Editor

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